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The game

'The Blaze Bayley Game' is the working title for the official Blaze Bayley game which is being developed by the Swedish indie game developer Christopher Steenstrup, at 'Fellow Applications'.


Story and gameplay

The storyline is based upon the story that is being told through the bands new trilogy of albums, of which 'Infinite Entanglement' is the first. The album is now available to order at the band's webshop.

Just like the new album has its roots in sci-fi, similar to the early Blaze albums 'Silicon Messiah' and 'Tenth Dimension', the game has roots in the 16-bit video game era where Christopher's passion for games began.

The game itself is a 'metroidvania' 'side-scroller' which means its viewed from the side just like the good old-fashioned games from that era, but with modern 3D graphics and of course all topped up with music written by Blaze and his band. The music and lyrics will play an important active role in the game, rather then just resting in the background.

The gameplay is a unique combination between classic puzzle solving action games such as retro 'Flashback' and 'Metroid' mixed with fast paced shooters such as 'Mega Man' and 'Contra'.

The player must figure out who he is and solve a great mystery on the spaceship. To do this he must solve puzzles and fight against those who try to prevent his search for the truth.

Everything the player does will affect how the game will end.


Release date

Our goal is to create a game that is the best it possibly can be and therefore it won't be released until we feel it's ready. Hopefully it will be available for PC/Mac at 'Steam' in spring 2017.


Stay up to date

This site will be updated with screenshots and the latest news about the game, you can stay up to date by following us on Facebook.


If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to book an interview you are very welcome to do so through contact@fellowapplications.com .

Fellow Applications, Sweden.




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